MSc theses 2016

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in 2016.

  • Gabriele Midolo: Plant biodiversity loss following increased atmospheric nitrogen deposition: a systematic review
  • Franco Ferilli: Understanding olive growers’ intention to participate in Xylella fastidiosa control measures in Apulia, Italy
  • Bethsheba Muchiri: Managing Kilombero Wetland's Ecoystem Services sustainably with changing land-use and conflicting stakeholder needs
  • Amandine John-Herpin: Public communication and public involvement arount the intergovernmental science-policy platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): the role of media attention and societal publications
  • Benjamin Niyonsaba: Improving the adaptive capacity of Rwandan agriculture to climate change impacts by implementing a citizen-science network
  • Guidoriccio Bozzolini: Financing mechanisms for sustainable use of ecosystem services provided by Machalilla National Park, Ecuador
  • Yuti Rizky Maisarah: The potential of wastewater treatment to reduce future nitrogen and phosphorus export to Java Sea, Indonesia
  • Di Li: Transportation emission reduction strategies in the Chinese Megacity Beijing
  • Alexandra Drozdowska: Future impacts of climate change induced weather patterns on honey bee (Apis mellifera) foraging flight conditions in the Netherlands
  • Abdullah al Masud: Effect of natural disaster-induced changes in livelihood dependency on ecosystem services of the Sundarbans, Bangladesh
  • Paula Rendón Cardona:
    The role of natural capital to enhance the resilience to drought in the
    Coorong Lagoons, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth, South Australia
  • Chantal Cornelissen
  • Sarvarbek Eltazarov: Soil salinity assessment in Syrdarya Province, Uzbekistan
  • Umida Solieva: Climate change perception of farmers in Tashkent province, Uzbekistan
  • Elena Kozel: Integrated assessment of Ecosystem Services of Ugam Chatkal National Park, Uzbekistan
  • Wendy Liefting: Gaining without draining. Identifying alternative plant species for sustainable economic use of Indonesia’s peatlands
  • Christopher McKay: Comparing green infrastructure options with a multi-criteria analysis (MCA)
  • Thibault Costaz: Forest carbon sequestration in response to nitrogen addition: Is the foliar nutrient status an indicator?
  • Marloes Fröling: Analysing the global effects of changing diets on nitrogen and phosphorus run-off to surface waters
  • Lieke Dotinga: Participatory monitoring in Building with Nature projects Koehoal and Marconi Buitendijks
  • Hannah Barnes: Impacts of environmental change on Dutch recreational waters, tourism and the Blue Flag Award
  • Yanan Chu:
    The impacts of improved nutrient management on water pollution and
    nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiencies in agriculture in China
  • Gabriela Iacobuta: Good practice policies for climate change mitigation
  • Xi Chen:
    Coastal eutrophication by point source inputs of N and P from sewage
    and animal manure to rivers in China: past and future trends
  • Max Siegfried: Modelling micro plastic export by rivers to European seas
  • Konrad Lüftner: Coastal eutrophication caused by oil palm plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Marijke Frielink: A new business model canvas to implement sustainability by integrating ecosystems
  • Jorien Benders: The influence of present and future livestock production on the Cryptosporidium emissions to land
  • Joost Albers: How does riparian buffer zone management affect future coastal eutrophication in European seas?