Thesis subject

Evaluation of fertilizer strategies in view of crop yields and nutrient losses

The Environmental Systems Analysis Group provides the possibility for students to do their thesis in collaboration with our group. The topics mentioned below are part of a larger theme. Please feel free to contact Prof De Vries, Dr Ros or Ms Young MSc (right) for more information.

All following topics can be made for the Netherlands, Europe and/or the world

Evaluation of sustainable fertilizer strategies world wide

  1. Collect and evaluate sustainability of fertilization strategies in relation to crop yield response and optimum nutrient threshold values (first focus);
  2. Analyze effects of antagonism and synergism for major and minor nutrients and their impact on crop yield and the relationship with agroecosystems (in-depth analysis);
  3. May include multiple regression or simple machine learning techniques.

Evaluation optimum fertilizer strategies for P or micronutrients required for fortification of food

  • P is a scarce element on earth, and how should the P be distributed around the globe to ensure sufficient food production to feed 10 billion people?
  • Are there optimum P levels in soil to stimulate crop development while minimizing environmental losses? Analyze the impacts of water availability, crop type and agroecological zone;
  • Similarly: for micronutrients that are essential for human health and that are deficient in soil due to natural processes;
  • Activities: literature search, data collection, statistics, reporting.