Thesis subject

Evaluation of forms of agricultural systems on soil quality and environmental impacts

The Environmental Systems Analysis Group provides the possibility for students to do their thesis in collaboration with our group. The topics mentioned below are part of a larger theme. Please feel free to contact Prof De Vries, Dr Ros or Ms Young MSc (right) for more information.

1.     Agricultural System comparison: how rely agriculture systems varying in intensity (nature-inclusive, intensive, extensive, biological) on regional agroecosystem properties (climate, soil, water availability, economy) and what are their impacts on crop yield, soil nutrient status, soil organic matter levels, and environmental impacts (GHG or losses to water);

2.     Focus is needed / possible on

  • N and P given environmental impacts,
  • element scarcity (e.g., P, minor elements) given sustainability aims,
  • soil quality (erosion, compaction, soil nutrient levels, soil organic carbon) as the main driver of agricultural sustainability,
  • soil and nutrient management options given the underpinning of opportunities to solve environmental challenges as listed before.

3.     Activity: collection and interpretation of census data (and regional available datasets for soil and land use);

4.     Compare (and eventually quantify) variation (and impact of systems) on crop yield, soil quality ad nutrient budgets for current and optimum agricultural practices.