Nature Today (daily news from nature)

Over fifteen nature organizations publish daily two nature reports on current developments in nature on since 2008. They aim to bring nature in the news domain and to increase the interest in and support for nature in society. is visited by thousands of people on a daily basis and the nature reports have resulted in lots of media attention.

Aim of the project

By continuously and actively informing the general public and specific target groups on current developments in nature we will strengthen and increase their connectedness with, knowledge on and appreciation of nature. We hope that will make people more motivated to actively contribute to the monitoring, management and preservation of nature.


Biologists from over fifteen nature organizations publish nature reports, each according to a fixed frequency. aims to publish two reports per day, year round. All nature organizations have a representative in the editorial board. The coordination of is done by the Environmental Systems Analysis Group of Wageningen University and the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Biologists base their reports on their knowledge, databases and thousands of observations that are submitted (often by volunteers) in the context of their ecological monitoring program. Nature reports are grouped in categories, for instance: butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, dragonflies, insects, mushrooms, plants, fishes, beach and sea, birds and mammals. also includes nature forecasts that are generated by the Nature’s Calendar project.

The content management system of contains a media module via which media can be actively informed when a newsworthy nature report has been or will be published. Furthermore, all nature reports are actively communicated via Twitter. People can subscribe to a daily or weekly emails newsletter. The newsletter contains the title and lead text of all nature reports published since the last newsletter.

(Expected) results has published over six thousand nature reports. All reports together form a big archive with a lot of information on nature in The Netherlands and worldwide that is freely accessible via the website. The nature reports have been read millions of times. Many nature reports have generated a lot of media attention. Over 13,000 people follow the Twitter account and over 14,000 people receive the Nature Today email newsletter.