PhD Study at FNP

The Forest & Nature Conservation Policy group welcomes PhD candidates from all over the world to carry out a PhD study with us.


Students who want to carry out a PhD study with FNP should note that the proposed study is related to our group. Furthermore, the candidate should fulfil at least three general requirements made by the Wageningen University:

- Candidates have the proper qualifications for a PhD study in the form of a MSc degree recognised by Wageningen University
- Candidates have a WU professor who is willing to act as a promotor to the study
- There must be funds available for the PhD study.

In addition to the general WU requirements for PhD study, FNP requires a candidate to be fluent in English, and to show an understanding that a PhD study should contribute towards the advancement of science.

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In order to be able to evaluate a PhD proposal, please send the following information:

- A tentative research proposal (of about 5 pages) that includes the scientific relevance of the study
- An overview of the candidates qualifications (CV) including a list of publications
- Information regarding the planned financing of the study
- In case of a sandwich PhD, demonstrate local commitment of your home institute


The Wageningen University only offers a limited number of PhD positions. Therefore, seeking fundings for a PhD study is the responsibility of the candidate itself. For further information on alternative funding options see the general WU Internet page on PhD study.


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WASS Graduate School

PhD programmes are compiled ad coordinated by different Graduate Schools. The Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group is affiliated with the Wageningen School of Social Science (WASS). The WASS guarantees the scientific quality of the PhD research conducted.

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