Jinlong Liu

Among his current postings, Dr. Jinlong Liu is Professor, Department Chair at the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and the Director for the Centre for Forest, Environmental and Resources Policy Study of the Renming University of China. He obtained his PhD in Rural Development Sociology from Wageningen University and Research. In the past 10 years, he has published extensively and provided consultancy services to - amongst others, the World Bank and Asia Development Bank - for development projects in China, Thailand, DPRK and Myanmar. He has also provided policy advice to the EU and the Chinese government. He is currently the coordinator of a working group of the IUFRO Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge in Tropical and Subtropical Region, a member of the IUFRO Task Force on Forests for People, advisor in the National Community Development Advisory Group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC, advisor for the National Strategy and Roadmap of REDD+ in DPRK, and a member of the National Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, Ministry of Agriculture, PRC.

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