FNP lecturer is Nuffic Neso's woman of the month

Published on
September 12, 2022

FNP lecturer dr. Nowella Anyango-van Zwieten, who spent several weeks in Pretoria recently.

NUFFIC NESO South/Southern Africa highlights the challenges faced by Nowella as an African academic. Nowella was in Pretoria to conduct research into climate and sustainable development, focussing on social challenges as South Africa plans to move away from its heavy reliance on coal and into more renewable energy.

Nowella: "I had a very interesting time in the field experiencing Dutch diplomacy, held a roundtable discussion with stakeholders, and viited a coal-fired power plant destined for decommissioning in the next few weeks. My most interestng conversations were with the Uber drivers who took me around for interviews!"

More about Nowella's experience can be read here.

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