About the Hydrology and Environmental Hydraulics Group

The HWM chair aims to contribute to the improved understanding of catchment-scale hydrological processes through advanced measurement, modelling and assimilation techniques.

This mission is driven by the overarching goal of developing climate sustainable solutions to global water-related challenges. Within our collaborative environment, the HWM research group is dedicated to addressing worldwide issues such as river flooding, droughts, and other pertinent matters.

Our commitment lies in maintaining our distinguished reputation in the fields of hydrology and quantitative water management, while actively exploring and advancing the practical application of our research. Given the pressing concerns surrounding climate change, the relevance of our group's endeavors has never been more significant, ultimately benefiting society at large.

The Hydrology and Environment Hydraulics research group is an integral part of Wageningen University & Research.


Our reserach objectives

  1. developing, testing and interpreting advanced observation methods for hydrological and hydraulic fluxes and states at a range of spatial and temporal scales;

  2. developing catchment-scale hydrological models for water flow and sediment transport;

  3. hydrological synthesis at the catchment scale, with special attention to hydroclimatological extremes (floods and droughts).

    Empowering Water Management through Research and Innovation is part of what we are doing here at HWM
    dr. ir. Ryan Teuling