Laboratory for Water and Sediment Dynamics

The Kraijenhoff van de Leur Laboratory for Water and Sediment Dynamics is a dedicated hub for pioneering research in the field of hydro-environmental dynamics. Our laboratory, known for its formality, is a center of innovation where we systematically investigate the intricate dynamics of water and sediment responses. Our primary focus lies in understanding morphological transformations induced by channel flow and overland flow.

Unveiling Research Endeavors

In our pursuit of knowledge, we delve into a diverse range of research topics, including:

  • Stream Restoration: Embark on a journey to rejuvenate and restore stream ecosystems, where innovative approaches enhance their ecological vitality.
  • Gully Erosion: Dive into the depths of erosion dynamics, decoding the intricate processes driving gully formation—a critical consideration in preserving our cherished landscapes.
  • Side Channels Created by Longitudinal Dams: Witness the birth and evolution of side channels, a fascinating outcome of longitudinal dam structures, with far-reaching implications for river ecosystems and strategic water resource management.
  • Bedform Dynamics: Explore the ever-shifting landscapes of bedforms in aquatic domains, unraveling the mesmerizing patterns and behaviors governing sediment transport.

Collaboration Opportunities

Within our formal environment, we extend an invitation to inquisitive minds and dedicated researchers to collaborate and embark on joint expeditions into the mysteries of water and sediment dynamics. Together, we confront pressing challenges, broaden the horizons of our understanding, and forge innovative solutions that benefit society and our environment.

External Engagement

In addition to our academic pursuits, we formally offer our laboratory's capabilities and specialized applications to external entities eager to explore new horizons. Whether you represent a research institution, industry, or any party seeking to leverage our laboratory's unique potential, we provide formal channels for engagement. Through these avenues, we welcome inquiries and discussions surrounding collaboration and resource utilization.

For more information about specific experiments and uses of the laboratory, please explore the icons below. Additionally, you can get in touch with us through the contact information provided below the icons. Join us in our steadfast pursuit of knowledge, where water and sediment dynamics become subjects of rigorous inquiry and exploration. Together, we venture into uncharted waters, unlocking the power of hydro-environmental research to shape a sustainable and resilient future for all.