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Cultural ecosystem services of Chinese coastal landscapes

Published: 5 July 2016

This project concerns the interaction between landscape and people on a socio-cultural perspective. Landscapes have been changing rapidly all over the world. These changes can result in life-supporting conditions, but they can also lead to changes in human-cultural identity within communities, an aspect which is often neglected.  This project aims to investigate how the interaction between landscape and people can bring about the provision of cultural ecosystem services. This will increase the insights into research on cultural landscapes and human-nature relationships worldwide.

The project is established at Wageningen University and co-financed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The case study area is in the Yellow River Delta in China, considered as the cradle of Chinese civilization. The coastal wetlands will be studied to gain knowledge of the interaction between landscape and people. The project is undertaken by Yuehan Dou, with a supervision team comprising Professor Leonie Janssen-Jansen as promoter, Dr. Martha Bakker as co-promoter/ daily supervisor, Dr. Gerrit-Jan Carsjens as co-promoter and Prof. Xiubo Yu (CAS) as co-promoter in the field.