Landscape adaptation to climate change

Most metropolitan landscapes are located in deltas, which are, for that reason, highly susceptible to climate change. At a global scale, these densely populated deltas are of eminent value to the economical, ecological, and socio-cultural development of the countries involved. Following the rich Dutch tradition in water and land management, the Spatial Planning Group is involved in advancing the multi-layer safety approach to adapt metropolitan landscapes to climate change. This approach is based on the risk approach regarding flooding, in which the consequences (in terms of exposure and vulnerability) and probability of flooding are combined. Furthermore, we search for solutions that increase landscape resilience by integrating ecological and agrarian functions within the more rural areas. For this we aim to develop spatial information and decision support tools to be used in policy making. Our research seeks to combine scientific knowledge in this field with application in real-life case studies in European delta landscapes. In this way we contribute to elaborate on spatial planning concepts and organizational arrangements that may help vulnerable delta landscapes to cope with the effects of climate change.