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Student awards

In 2015 the following projects have won awards:

MSc thesis:
Staal Award 2018
Carlo Leonardi

Overview of the award winning projects of previous years

MSc thesis: Ontwerpend onderzoek naar een duurzame vorm van landbouw voor de Krimpenerwaard
Folkert Hellinga MSc Award 2017
Sander Hermens
1st Prize
Post Fossil City
Tom van Heeswijk, W.Klemm, S.Stremke, S.Lindemann
to 2nd round
Transforming the Tunnel: The Rail Park
Federico Lia, A.Sturm, K.Farrell, T.Crandall, G.Takahashi
2nd prize
Award Bouwinvest startende ontwerpers
Marit Noest
2nd prize
MSc thesis: Responsive Land
Sander Hermens
IFLA 2016: Group Han First Prize
Hert fan Fryslan
Sander Hermens and Peter Jansen (Alterra)
Futurescapes for better wetter
BSc thesis: 'Cooling Rooftops: Climate-responsive design for Amsterdam's roofscape'
Stijn Lanters
ELLS conference oral presentation competition
2nd prize category environmental issues
MSc thesis: 'Sublime Flooding of the Maniny Brownfield.'
Zuzana Jancovicova
DLA Poster Competition 2015: first prize
MSc thesis: 'City shrinkage. Renewing the casco approach for shrinking cities in the Netherlands.'
Joelle Mulkens and Inge Hoekstra
Urbanisme Scriptie Award 2014: first prize
PhD 'Green infrastructure for climate-proof cities'
Wiebke Klemm
ECLAS Outstanding PhD student Award
MSc thesis 'Cyclone Risk Reduction'
Esther Bergstra (in cooperation with Roxanne Hornman)
IDRC Davos poster presentatio Award: First Prize
MSc thesis 'Ems Full Hybrid'
Jonas Papenborg and Remco van der Togt
national Archiprix Award 2014: First Prize
Folkert Hellinga MSc Award 2013: honorable mentioning
BSc thesis 'Resounding Overbetuwe'
Rosanne Weijers
Future Ideas competition: first prize
Cyclone Resilient Landscape
Esther Bergstra and Roxanne Hornman
3D Poster Competition: second prize
News item
Revitalizing Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
Gerjanne Brink and Rene van Seumeren
Folkert Hellinga MSc Award 2012: first prize
Nieuwe Nijmeegse Natuur is Maakbaar
Gilles van der Heiden and Stijn Tijhuis
Ontwerp een Stadseiland: honorable mentioning
Vibrant Land
Inge Kersten and Jorrit Noordhuizen
Archiprix (national): Archiprix Prize 2012
A Working Landscape for New Orleans
Peter Hermens, Jaap van der Salm and Chris van der Zwet
Folkert Hellinga MSc Award 2011: First prize
Verborgen kracht Veenkolonien 3.0
Tim Snippert
Eo Wijers prijsvraag 2012; Junior Award
Vibrant Land
Inge Kersten and Jorrit Noorduizen
Stedelijk Interieur Student Award 2011; First prize
IFLA 2011; Second prize
A Working Landscape for New Orleans
Peter Hermens, Jaap van der Salm and Chris van der Zwet
International Water Week; Best Young Scientist Paper
Restructuring the Resettled Landscape
Miranda Schut and Ilse Verwer
Archiprix 2011; Second prize
Meer groen op straat
Lisa Verbon
Stedelijk Interieur Student Award 2010; First prize category BSc.
The future of an adaptive 'Afsluitdijk'
Monique Sperling
National Archiprix 2010; Second prize.
A Working Landscape for New Orleans
Peter Hermens, Jaap van der Salm, Chris van der Zwet
IFLA 2010. Jury award.
Panorama Zoeterwoude
Jorrit Noordhuize
Idea-competition 'Recreatief Transferium' in Zoeterwoude 2010; Joined third prize.