Research of the Landscape Architecture Group

Research within landscape architecture is strongly interlinked with landscape design and mediates between worlds of knowledge in the natural and social sciences, the arts and the humanities. This results in complex and varied research topics, and interdisciplinary research projects.

The core research objectives of the Landscape Architecture group are:

  1. to develop methods and criteria for:
    • analysing the social, economic, political, cultural and historical meanings of landscape that influence landscape architecture as a contextual design discipline;
    • judgement of the quality of designs;
  2. to develop the concept of 'Research by Design', both as a design method and as a research method;
  3. to analyse and contribute to solving pressing global landscape problems in the field of climate, water, energy and rural and urban land development.

The connection with other groups of Wageningen UR and with universities and institutes outside WUR contributes to the quality of our research.