About the Meteorology and Air Quality Group

At Wageningen University & Research the atmosphere has been studied since the establishment of the University in 1918. Emphasis has always been given to weather and land surface climate processes and how these impact on life and the environment.

Since the nineteen twenties observations have been made of the basic meteorological variables such as sun shine and radiation, precipitation, air temperature, wind et cetera. As such more than 80 years of observations exists and recently these have been analyzed and published. In addition measurements are made of the soil temperature under grass and bare soil.

During the last decade the scope of the department had broadened and now includes air quality studies and the modeling and forecasting of the atmosphere from small to large scales for weather, climate and air quality while maintaining experimental and observational work as well. As such our students have many opportunities to skill themselves in a variety of topics, consult the research activities page for specific information on our research.

MAQ is part of the Wageningen Institute on Environmental and Climate Studies. In addition, our group cooperates also with Utrecht University in the 'Buys Ballot School' directed on research and education on fundamental processes in the climate system.

Staff members take frequently part in the organization of international meetings, workshops and conferences, such as: