Information on courses to which the Meteorology and Air Quality group contributes is given below. More detailed information can be found in the Study handbook

The list contains both courses that are taught exclusively by MAQ staff, and courses in which MAQ lecturers contribute to a larger or smaller extent.

In the list below we distinguish BSc courses and MSc courses, althought a strict distinction does not exist. Some of the BSc courses courses (level 2 and 3) are part of MSc programmes as well, or can be used as free choice courses in an MSc programme.

BSc courses

  • MAQ-10306 Introduction Atmosphere
  • MAQ-11306 Air Quality
  • MAQ-21806 Meteorology and Climate
  • MAQ-22806 Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Interactions
  • MAQ-23306 System Earth: Scale Dependence, Feedbacks and Global Change
  • MAQ-32306 Boundary-layer Processes
  • MAQ-30306 Atmospheric Practical
  • MAQ-36306 Clouds in Present and Changing Climate
  • MAQ-51803 Learn the Scientific Method in a Changing Climate
  • HWM-10803 Introduction Soil, Water, Atmosphere
  • SGL-10309 Integration Course Soil, Water and Atmosphere
  • SOC-22306 Chemical Processes in Soil, Water, Atmosphere
  • HWM-23306 Field Practical Hydrology, Water Quality and Meteorology
  • HWM-23806 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics

MSc courses

  • MAQ-31806 Atmospheric Modelling
  • MAQ-32806 Atmospheric Dynamics
  • MAQ-34806 Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality
  • MAQ-35306 Urban Hydrometeorology
  • MAQ-35806 Earth System Modelling
  • MAQ-36806 Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
  • MAQ-50803 Urban Meteorology
  • ETE-22806 Principles of Urban Environmental Management
  • SOC-23306 Principles of Earth and Ecosystem Science
  • ENP-36806 Governance for Sustainable Cities
  • LAR-36806 Climate-responsive Planning and Design
  • SLM-33806 Water and Air Flow Numerical Technique
  • SOC-35806 Field training Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions
  • SOC-36306 Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Change Mitigation
  • YWU-30306 Interdisciplinary Topics in Earth and Environment
  • YWU-30806 Environmental Data Collection and Analysis