We study the characterisation of soil particles (DOM, Fe-oxides) and speciation of compounds in the soil by fundamental research and by more practically motivated studies.

Chemical substances (nutrients, contaminants) interact with reactive soil particles, e.g. with organic matter, clay, iron(hydr)oxide and aluminiumhydroxide. This will affect their bioavailability and mobility in the soil. Also soil particles interact with each other, e.g. organic matter adsorbs onto iron(hydr)oxide. This affects soil structure (formation of soil aggregates) and ion binding (competition effects).

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Multi surface adsorption modelling of cations and anions on organic matter, clay and Fe-oxides: CD-MUSIC, NICA-Donnan, Donnan ion exchange, LCD;
Computer models: ECOSAT and Orchestra.

LCD-model (multi surface complexation)
LCD-model (multi surface complexation)

CD-MUSIC: adsorption of ions (heavy metals, phosphate, arsenate, etc.) on Fe-oxides.
NICA-Donnan: binding of cations (heavy metals, Ca) on organic matter (SOC, DOC).
Donnan ion exchange: binding of cations on clays.
LCD: binding of organic matter molecules (e.g. Fulvic or humic acid) onto Fe-oxides.

HA-FA-PO4 adsorption on goethite
HA-FA-PO4 adsorption on goethite