Soil Geography and Landscape BSc/MSc students

Please make sure that after starting your subject you fill in your MSc Thesis / AV contract or your Internship / Stage contract and hand in a copy at the secretary and the mailbox of Dr. Stoorvogel.

For your traineeship or internship you can contact the companies yourself or different LAD teachers.

An overview of the BSc and MSc students and their subjects working at our group including starting month/year and probable end-date are given. The newest students are given first, in the top rows:

BSc and MSc students at SGL
Name: Type Supervisors: Duration m/yr: Title:
G. Karssenberg BSc Sonneveld 2012 Geomorphometric properties of Drift Sands
M. van der Meij BSc Sonneveld 2012 Spatial properties of Celtic Fields
C. Hendriks MSc Sonneveld 05/2012-12/2010 Dynamics of Drift Sand Deposits at the Weleromse Zand
R. van Dongen BSc Sonneveld 2012 Soil compaction in agricultural land
M. Meuwissen MSc Sonneveld / Schoorl 2011/2012 Soil properties in artificial dwelling mounds under grassland and arable land
L. Graafland BSc Schoorl 11/11-12/11 Soil-landscape dynamics and feedbacks of (European) legislation
J. ten Broek BSc Schoorl / Viveen 11/11-02/12 Weathering rates of quartsite terraces in fluvial landscapes (Galica, Spain)
M. Wuis BSc Stoorvogel 11/11-12/11 Assessing crop production: statistical models or mechanical models
H. Paul BSc Peek 11/11-12/11 Toetsing van een aardkundig waardesysteem op de Strabrechtse heide
T. de Ruyter BSc Peek 11/11-12/11 Toepasbaarheid van het waarderingssyteem voor aardkundige waarden op het Drentse Aa gebied
C. de Jong MSc Heuvelink / Fraters 09/10-05/11 Spatial prediction of nitrate concentrations
K. Lamberink MSc Sonneveld / vd Akker / Essen 03/11-12/11 Soil Compaction in agricultural land
Y. Darmawan MSc Heuvelink / De Bruin 2011/2012 Geostatistical interpolation & rainfall
K. Lange MSc Temme 2011/2012 Can we extrapolate soil property predictors after glacial retreat
P. Harlaar BSc Sonneveld 2010/2011 Relationships between crevasse sediments in the Rhine-Meuse Delta and climatic parameters
M Schwering BSc Schoorl 02/11-04/11 Using archaeological indicators to determine long term erosion rates in Limburg