T-Vector Utility

Arnaud Temme and Willem Viveen have made a simple utility that allows the automatic calculation of tectonic effects on large numbers of catchments through the so-called T-vector method (Cox, 1994). The utility is used in Viveen's PhD project “Long-term development of fluvial systems: separating the effects of climate and tectonic change”.

The publication where the utility is presented and used is published in:

Viveen, W., van Balen, R.T., Schoorl, J.M., Veldkamp, A., Temme, A.J.A.M., Vidal-Romani, J.R., 2012. Assessment of recent tectonic activity on the NW Iberian Atlantic Margin by means of geomorphic indices and field studies of the Lower Miño River terraces. Tectonophysics 544-545 , pp. 13-30. (Scopus).

Using a Digital Elevation Model and a map with watersheds as inputs, the utility calculates expected drainage patterns, compares these with existing drainage patterns and summarizes the difference in so-called T-vectors. These vectors can be used to deduct the tilt direction within drainage basins.

The utility is available for download on the condition that publications using it, cite the publication mentioned above.