Staff of the Soil Science cluster is active in various type of outreach activities targeted to involve the broader public in the soil science domain. Below you can find some examples of outreach activities performed by the Soil Science cluster staff.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 1st and 2nd October 2022 - Weekend of science with various outreach activities organized by the Soil Science cluster researchers. Register here for the Earthworm catch, Interactive soil lecture, Living Soil Workshop (Soil game). During the event there will also be a stand from the Bodemdierendagen initiative! Come, discover and be inspired by soil life!

Outreach activities for the general public

Activities for primary and secondary education

Professional publications and reports for policy making

  • Professional publications (e.g. Dutch journal 'Bodem', Dutch KNPV 'Gewasbescherming')
  • Reports for policy making (for instance see the variety of policy briefs in the context of the RECARE, iSQAPER, LANDMARK and SPRINT projects)

Media activities

    Others: On the SGL News and Calendar page you can find more media exposure in Dutch.