Research projects

Here you can find some examples of projects related to the Research Line 'Multifunctional land evaluation' in which the Soil Science cluster researchers and staff are involved.

Recent top publications

>Soil quality – A critical review. Bünemann E.K., Bongiorno G., Bai Z., Creamer R.E., De Deyn, G., de Goede, R., Fleskens, L., Geissen, V., Kuyper, T.W., Mäder, P., Pulleman, M., Sukkel, W., van Groenigen, J.W., Brussaard, L. (2018) Soil Biology and Biochemistry 120. –p. 105-125.

>Mapping soil properties of Africa at 250 m resolution: Random forests significantly improve current predictions. Hengl, T., Heuvelink, G.B.M., Kempen, B., Leenaars, J.G.B., Walsh, M.G., Shepherd, K.D., Sila, A., MacMillan, R.A., De Jesus, J.M., Tamene, L., Tondoh, J.E. (2018) PLoS ONE 10(6)