Dam dreams and river rewilding: Ideals in dispute (Dialogue 30 August 13:30h)

Published on
July 11, 2022

Are we entering a new era of river governance in Europe, with a revolutionary shift from dam construction to dam removal? What ideals are behind dam dreams and river rewilding? In how far are these ideals contested? An afternoon of discussion and dialogue on Tuesday 30 August at 13:30h in Impulse


  • Author Frank Westerman presenting his new book 'Too true to be good'
  • WUR researcher Lena Hommes, discussing her doctoral research 'Infrastructure Lives'
  • Barbara Hogenboom, director of the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation, UvA
    • Other researchers of the Riverhood (ERC) and River Commons (WUR-INREF) projects


    13:30 Opening by Prof. Rutgerd Boelens

    13:35 Barbara Hogenboom (CEDLA, UvA): Utopias and river/ infrastructure

    13:45 Frank Westerman: Presentation of the brand new book 'Too true to
    be good'

    14:15 Lena Hommes (WRM, WUR): 'Infrastructure lives'

    14:45 Open debate with public

    15:30 Break & book signing

    16:00 Deepening discussion with River PhDs (Closed session)

    17:30 Drinks


    Speakers Corner of the Impulse Building on WUR Campus


    No prior registrartion required. Should you wish to participate in the deepening discussion session from 16:00h onwards, please write us an email.

    The event forms part of the Riverhood and River Commons research projects coordinated by WRM Professor Rutgerd Boelens. The Riverhood Project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 101002921). The River Commons Project is funded by INREF (WUR).

    For more information on the projects, please see the links provided at the side.