Lunch seminar on citizen science in the global south

Published on
June 27, 2023

WRM's post-doc researcher David Walker is organizing a lunch seminar on citizen science in low/middle income countries. David Walker, together with Samuel Sutanto, and Lisa Best, will provide insights into their Citizen Science research conducted in the global south. Each of them will describe a case study of their project.

Building on the case studies, speakers will describe the often significant differences between citizen science projects in Europe/North America and projects in low/middle income countries. Common differences include: participant demographics and motivations, recruitment methods, time and effort of involvement, and the overall aims of projects. Speakers will discuss how greater consideration of the experience of Citizen Scientists is needed to ensure both researchers and communities are benefitting. The plan is for about 30 minutes of presentations and 30 minutes of discussion.


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Location: Impulse, WUR campus

Date: 29 June 2023, 12:30-13:30

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