Seminar on farmers and fisherfolks coping with social and climate change (DeSIRA project)

Published on
May 12, 2023

On June 19-20, 2023, the DeSIRA-Malmon (Guinea-Bissau) project will conduct a seminar at WUR about farmers and fisherfolks in Guinea-Bissau coping with social and climate change (session 1); and creating research impact through knowledge co-production and policy making (session 2). In session 1, 11 of the PhD students of Malmon will present their empirical research in Guinea-Bissau. One of the session’s goals is for the PhD students to receive constructive feedback and create a dialogue with senior researchers. In session 2, the themes are co-producing knowledge and influencing policy which are some of Malmon’s theoretical foundations. This session will include two pitches from Malmon on the methods of knowledge co-production and an interactive session by representatives of DeSIRA-LIFT where they will link PhD research to policy processes for development. The full program is available.

You can expect discussions and reflections on the main challenges and issues of doing ‘science with society’. Moreover, this seminar will provide an opportunity to network with Malmon researchers and other researchers under the DeSIRA programme for future collaboration.

Would you like to participate in the sessions and get acquainted with current empirical research in Guinea-Bissau? Register to the sessions by filling the online form before May 31.