WRM21312 Design in Land and Water Management 2 | Period 5 & 6

Published on
March 7, 2023

The course “Design in Land and Water Management 2” in the second year of the BIL programme focuses on designing land and water interventions in the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania.

In the course “Design in Land and Water Management 2” students engage in typical demands for technical assistance in the context of small-scale irrigation development and soil and water conservation. Students apply and integrate their knowledge and skills developed during preceding courses. In addition, new planning and design elements to enhance their knowledge and skills are introduced.

Teams of students respond to demands for technical assistance from a real-world case by developing meaningful intervention plans and designs. Case study is the Rau River Basin in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. Students learn to effectively cooperate in developing their problem-solving capacities and are stimulated to actively identify and communicate their demand for knowledge and skills.

Teaching staff introduces new subjects through e-modules and lectures. They frequently meet with student teams to discuss progress and challenges. In addition, team coaches guide teams in planning activities and overcoming other challenges in conducting group work. Apart from coaching and supervision, students also get support from external experts including two professional experts from the Kilimanjaro region and two experienced consultants from the field of land and water management.