Land - Atmosphere Interaction


  • Land - atmosphere interactions; the exchange of water and carbon between vegetation and atmosphere at regional scales
    Airborne observations of fluxes can provide both regionally integrated estimates of land atmosphere fluxes of water and carbon dioxide, as well as providing spatially explicit maps and land cover class based estimates. In each of  ...
    Supervisor: dr Ronald Hutjes and Olaf Vellinga
    Department: Earth system science  

  • Land - atmosphere interactions; modelling atmospheric transport of CO2
    Combining accurate observations of CO2 concentrations (or an other greenhouse gas) with atmospheric transport in principle allows us to deduce greenhouse gas emission estimates for larger areas through inversion approaches. Studen ...
    Supervisor: dr Ronald Hutjes and Herbert ter Maat
    Department: Earth system science 
  • Transboundary environmental services on canals on the river Scheldt (NL-B-F) (Integrated Water Management)
    The digging of canals in the past few centuries has increased the interdependence on transboundary environmental services between the riparians: France, Wallonia, Flanders and the Netherlands (Zeeland). While channels from Gand (G ...
    Supervisor: Jeroen Warner, Eric Masson (ULille)
    Department: Earth system science