About the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis

The Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA) consists of two chair groups: Crop and Weed Ecology (professor Anten) and Crop Physiology (professor Struik). The two groups are fully integrated and share research programs, facilities and staff. CSA closely collaborates with other groups in the domain of plant production science.

CSA contributes to the development of high quality plant production in sustainable agro-ecosystems through research and teaching. The emphasis is on improvement and innovation of plant production at various levels of integration; from genotypes to cropping systems and production chains. The group’s core expertise is the quantification of complex and often non-linear interactions between plants (or genotypes), management and the environment (G×M×E).       

CSA researches and quantitatively describes processes that determine the functioning of crops and grassland vegetations in relation to genetic, management, biotic and abiotic factors. This knowledge is integrated via sophisticated modelling tools to generate insights into complex systems interactions (e.g. predicting phenotypic responses to multiple traits in breeding programs; optimising crop management via functional-structural plant modelling; quantifying G×M×E interactions in a changing world; biochemical C3 and C4 photosynthesis modelling in relation to bio-based economy; crop – weed interactions and competition). CSA also studies the ecological dimension of cropping systems and links their research to the human dimension by developing and studying interactions between natural and social sciences.