Launch of the Trend Analysis Biotechnology 2023

Published on
March 27, 2023

Paul Struik gave a pitch on Biotechnology and Food Production (focussing on plant breeding and cellular agriculture) during the launch of the Trend Analysis Biotechnology 2023, in the presence of her excellency Vivianne Heijnen (staatssecretaris Infrastructure and Water Management, with a focus on environmental issues) who commissioned the Trend Analysis.

The launch was concluded with the handing over of the first copy of the report by the directors of the Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM) and the Health Council of the Netherlands (Gezondheidsraad) to Mrs Heijnen. The report concludes that there are great opportunities but that a more rigid orchestration of biotechnological developments by the government is required based on a clear vision and an integrated approach. Moreover, the biotechnology ecosystem requires support, nurture and organization.

The report received a lot of attention in the national newspapers.

The full Trend Analysis (in Dutch) can be found through at the COGEM website.

An English summary is available at the COGEM website also.