Corrigendum to “Effects of increasing air temperature on physiological and productive responses of dairy cows at different relative humidity and air velocity levels” (J. Dairy Sci. 105:1710–1716) (Journal of Dairy Science (2022) 105(2) (1701–1716), (S0022030221010262), (10.3168/jds.2021-21164))

Zhou, M.; Aarnink, A.J.A.; Huynh, T.T.T.; Dixhoorn, I.D.E. van; Groot Koerkamp, P.W.G.


Water intake values were shown incorrectly in the “Productive Responses to Treatments” section and in Table 6. The corrected sentence reads as follows: “At the beginning of the research periods (the first 2 d), the basal DMI for cows in different treatments varied between 17.9 to 21.1 kg/d and the water intake varied between 56.7 to 69.9 kg/d.” The corrected Table 6 is shown below. Data in the water intake row were updated. The authors regret the error. [Table presented]