Cultured fruit; growing a tomato without a plant

Great progress has been made in developmental biology in recent decades. In animal biology this has led to the advent of ‘lab-grown meat’. (Also known as ‘cultured meat’). We have proposed ‘cultured fruit’ as a sustainable technology for industrial fruit production In this process, fruits...


Growing tomatoes in vertical farms: the interaction between multiple environmental factors and their effect on plant physiology, yield and fruit quality

Usually, herbs and leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach are grown in vertical farms. However, as vertical farms have high production costs due to high energy use, it can be hard...


Morphological effect of increased penetration resistance

Optimizing rootzones for crop cultivation must investigate both chemical and physical aspects of the rootzone media. This project investigates the physical properties of rootzone media, specifically root penetration resistance or rootzone compactness/density, on plant shoot elongation...


Quantifying the importance of 3D leaf and stem architecture for a Functional-Structural Plant Modelling of dwarf tomatoes in vertical farming

This project forms a component of a broader initiative aimed at identifying the architectural ideotypes of dwarf tomato plants, which enhance carbon assimilation in vertical farming...


Enter the (To)matrix: Exploring the tomato-verse through a Functional-Structural Plant Model of dwarf tomatoes to identify architectural ideotypes for vertical farming

Project Description: The primary objective of this research is to systematically identify and quantify the architectural traits that enhance light use...

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How's it growing? Estimating growth from depth images

Neural networks can be pretty good at estimating the weight of a plant from a single top-down image. "Can be", because it only works well with small plants that have a simple, open structure. Complex plants, or plants in a dense canopy, are too occluded for an accurate estimate from a...

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