How does FR light influence the fruit set of sweet pepper through sugar metabolism?

Light spectrum has a huge impact on plant growth and development. FR light (700-800nm) was found to influence a wide range of morphological and physiological processes in plants, for example, germination, stem elongation, chlorophyll biosynthesis, branching, flowering, senescence. From literatures and preliminary experiments, we found that FR light can potentially increase the size of sweet pepper fruits. Fruit size is an important determinant of sweet pepper yield.
In this project, we aim to investigate the following questions: Does the FR influence the fruit size of sweet pepper? If so, is it related to the fruit pericarp thickness and/or the size of chambers? Does FR influence the cell division or cell expansion in the pericarp? This study requires lab work and microscopic work. With the completion of this study, the students are expected to have deeper understanding on plant reproductive development, and the interaction between plant and light environment.

Used skills

  • Lab work
  • Microscopic observation
  • Image analysis

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