Quantifying the relationship between root restriction and shoot elongation

Optimizing rootzones for crop cultivation must investigate both chemical and physical aspects of the rootzone media. This project investigates the physical properties of rootzone media, specifically root penetration resistance or rootzone compactness/density, on plant shoot elongation. In general, increasing this property decreases shoot elongation, and we have seen that compacting sand around a rootzone in real-time results in a rapid decrease in elongation rate within 0 to 25 minutes. We want to quantify both short and long term effects of root penetration resistance on shoot elongation (in both short- and long-term experiments), and we want to investigate the rapid and long-term signals responsible for inducing this decrease in elongation.

Used skills

  • Plant growth measurements
  • Instrumentation
  • Building experimental systems
  • Climate chamber experiments
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • General laboratory skills

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