Nikon 80i

Specifications Nikon Eclipse 80i:


This Nikon Eclipse 80i is an upright semi-automated research microscope allows high resolution imaging with:

-a range of objectives : 2x-4x-10x-20x-40x(I)-60x(I)-100x (I)

-filters to obtain contrast in unstained samples: POL- DIC- ND filters

-filter cubes that allow FL imaging of probes and dyes excitable anywhere in the spectrum between 360 (UV) – 800 (far red) nm spectrum.

-Light sources and camera: Microscope is equipped with a Uvico-VIS (RappOpto Electronics) light source with HXP R 120 W/45 C VIS-white lamp and halogen lamp for BF transmission. Images are standard made with a 5 Mpx Ds Fi 1 color camera.

·Images are acquired with Nikon Imaging Software NIS (or Metamorph), that allows automated image saving, acquisition of movies, partial recall of acquisition parameters (digital image head), quantitative image processing, automatic scale bars.

-Flexible setup: Depending on your research needs the filters, objectives or camera can be adapted. A Photometrics Evolve 512 cooled EMCCD camera is available for low fluorescent signals.


Microscope access:

Contact N. de Ruijter for an instructions and discussing your imaging demands. Only after training and reservation through Booking, you will have access, whenever you need it.

Data access:

Your images are made available through a link to the ‘ Microscopy server’ (K-drive) that works as the free exchange platform. Please, do not use mobile disks or ‘WeTransfer’ .



The system will be upgraded to Win 10, NIS upgrade and new color camera in 2019.

Nikon 80i instructions

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