Lecture series Insects and Society

Considerable declines in insect populations are reported frequently and for various places on Earth. The motto of the laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University and Research has long been: No life on Earth without insects! Insects do not only provide the conditions for life on this planet but they are also an profound source of inspiration for people. Insects are delicious, important, beautiful, useful and provide important ecosystem services. What else do we want?

The role of insects in society

This lecture series provides a broad view of the role of insects in society with lectures by specialists at the boundaries of biodiversity, nutrition, culture, technical sciences, agriculture and entomology. There are ample opportunities to enjoy insects, if only we have an open mind for this. Insects can transmit deadly diseases but also help solving murders. Insects provide inspiration to artists, as well as the designers of men’s toilets. These and many more topics feature in Insects and Society. Download here the full programme.

Programme 2019:

From 9 January till 13 March 2019 the lecture series Insects and Society will be organised in the Forum building on Wageningen Campus. Entrance is free. Time: 20.00 - 22.00 hr.

Course Insects and Society

To follow the course Insects and Society (ENT-51803) you need to attend all lectures and write an essay on a topic in which insects and society feature, e.g. insects and children books, insects and black magic, insects and pop music, insects and paintings, insects and science fiction etc etc Registration for Insects and Society (ENT-51803) can be done via SSC