Thesis Guidelines at the Laboratory of Genetics

Thesis work at Genetics follows the guidelines for Wageningen University. For most BSc theses, this means the guidelines set by your study programme (e.g. Biology, Plant Sciences). If no guidelines are available for your BSc thesis, you have to follow the Genetics guidelines, which can be downloaded from this page.

All MSc theses follow the guidelines for the Laboratory of Genetics, found in the MSc Thesis course guide on this page. For all theses and internships at Genetics, use the Checklist below, which summarizes (but not replaces) the guidelines.

If in doubt, contact your supervisor or the Genetics Education Coordinator, Fons Debets.

Checklist for organising a thesis at Genetics:
Check whether you are allowed to start your thesis
Find a thesis topic, consult the website and/or the Education Coordinator
Check whether the Chair Group and the topic of your thesis are consistent with your study programme
If Genetics is not on the pre-approved list of Chair Groups from your study, send an e-mail requesting approval to the Exam Committee
Discuss the thesis topic with the supervisor
Fill in the Genetics Thesis Contract together with your supervisor
Hand in the Genetics Thesis Contract (see Appendix A) to:
1 the secretary of the supervising Chair Group
2 the study advisor of your study programme
Arrange the formalities at the secretariat (see Appendix D)
Discuss the requirements for your research proposal with your supervisor (length, depth etc.)
Write a research or design proposal
Ask your supervisor for approval of the research/design proposal
If applicable: arrange a date for presentation of the research/design proposal
Agree the weighting factors of the assessment form
Arrange a date for an intermediate evaluation
Arrange dates for the final assessment (handing in thesis report, final colloquium, examination)
Provide a hard copy of the final version of your thesis to the supervisor and examiner
Provide the data (digital and paper) and lab notebook to the supervisor
Provide a PDF of the final version of your thesis to the secretarial office of the Chair Group
Complete the thesis evaluation questionnaire