Moving to the Radix Building

Radix is a four-story tall building which is located at the site of the former west wing of Plant Research International (PRI), at walking distance from Forum and Orion. The Latin word 'Radix' is used to indicate the root of a plant in the botanical sciences. Radix’ interior has been executed in greens and earth tones, with a hint of botanically inspired pink and purple. The building and its courtyards are very light and airy. On every floor, laboratories and their annexes are arranged to optimize cooperation between chair groups and business units through the use of common equipment.

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Moving to the Radix Building May 2009

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  • Sjaak van Bruggen, Rikus Pomp, Joost Riksen
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  • One of the Nematology labs
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  • Service Corner
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  • Paul Mooijman, Hans Helder, Sven van den Elsen
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  • Lotte Westerhof and Jan Roosien
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  • Hanny van Meegen, Miriam Rodriguez, Jet Vervoort
  • Open Workspace
  • Open Workspace
  • Secretary
  • Lab
  • Service Corner
  • Secretary
  • Jet Vervoort
  • Wiebe Kooistra
  • Open Workspace