Nematology Courses for Wageningen University students

The Laboratory of Nematology is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

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Course Overview

MSc Thesis Nematology

  • NEM-80424 until NEM-80439 MSc Thesis Nematology

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MSc Internship Nematology

  • NEM-70424 until NEM-70439 MSc Internship Nematology

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MSc Research Practice Nematology

  • NEM-79324 until NEM-79339 MSc Research Practice Nematology

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BSc minors with Nematology courses

  • WUBID Biology of Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals
  • WUFHD Food, Intestinal Homeostasis and Disease
  • WUHAH Healthy Aging in Humans and Model Species
  • WUPBT Plant Biotechnology

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All Nematology courses for Wageningen University students

  • NEM-10306 Introduction Plant Sciences
  • NEM-10806 Orientation Plant Sciences II
  • NEM-20306 Research Methodology in Plant Sciences
  • NEM-20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases
  • NEM-21306 Ecophysiology
  • NEM-22306 Plant and Health 1
  • NEM-30306 Host parasite interactions
  • NEM-31806 Plants and Health 2
  • NEM-32806 Dilemmas in Food Safety and Security
  • NEM-50306 BSc Research Project: Exploring the Model Organism C. Elegans
  • NEM-50806 BSc Research Project for Cell and Molecular Biologists
  • NEM-52306 Concepts and Theories of Healthy Aging
  • NEM-90303 Functional Biodiversity

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More courses for Wageningen University students

  • BIS-21306 Webs of Terrestrial Diversity
  • CBI-30806 Immunotechnology
  • ENT-20806 Integrated Pest Management
  • ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
  • ENT-51306 Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology
  • ENT-53806 Biological control of insects
  • GEN-20806 Plant Biotechnology
  • PBR-21306 Biosystematics, Evolution and Agrobiodiversity
  • PEN-10503 Ecology I
  • PEN-20503 Ecology II
  • PHP-21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology
  • PHP-30806 Molecular Aspects of Bio-interactions
  • PHP-32006 Current Topics in Plant Biotechnology
  • SBL-51306 The Living Soil
  • YBI-37806 Frontiers in Biology
  • YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training
  • YPS-10301 Scientific preparation week
  • YWU-10803 Introduction Environmental Sciences
  • YWU-60312 Research Master Cluster: proposal writing