Expertise Joop Ouborg, RUN

Section Molecular Ecology, Department of Ecology, Institute for Water and Wetland Research, Radboud University Nijmegen

The main goal of the department is to investigate how natural variation in genes and their expression affects the functioning of individuals under various (and changing) environments. Main questions are: how much variation is there in natural populations of plants and animals for regulatory gene pathways? How is this variation shaped? Can we identify genes directly under natural selection? What is the ecological relevance of variation in gene expression?

As natural theatres to perform our research we work with two separate species-question systems: we investigate the effects of landscape fragmentation on functional genes in the threatened perennial plant Scabiosa columbaria; and we search for signs of selective sweeps in the invasive gammarid Dikerogammarus vilousus.



  • qRT-PCR
  • markers (microsatellites, AFLPs, ISSR, RFLP)


  • Microarray facilities
  • RNAi
  • QTL


  • Focus on: interaction between ecology and molecular biology
  • Research objects: Plants and Animals
  • Main research discipline: Population biology / evolution biology

Project Topics:

  • Transcription profiling of genetic erosion and inbreeding depression in fragmented plant and animal species
  • Genome scanning and transcription profiling of invasive and non invasive populations of Dikerogammarus vilosus