A custom-made DNA microarray based on partial sequence  information of the N. Gonorrhea genome can be used to  study gene gonococal expression.  (Source: Caroline Attarda Gienco, PhD at www.pharmaasia.com)

Research Topic: Bio-informatics

At the Laboratory of Nematology we write software for microarray analysis, taxonomic searches, QTL analysis, etc.

Furthermore we have facilities for running bio-informatics tools like:

on our linuxnema servers. In addition we have access to large scale Linux clusters at other bio-informatics centers.

Download GenEST

GenEST software is free to use and published on terms of the GNU Public License. Please quote below articles if you use this software. We would appreciate to hear from you and keep you informed on updates. Please send an E-mail to Pjotr Prins.

GenEST, a powerful bidirectional link between cDNA sequence data and gene expression profiles generated by cDNA-AFLP by Ling Qin, Pjotr Prins, John T. Jones, Herman Popeijus, Geert Smant, Jaap Bakker and Johannes Helder.

Reference article: Nucleic Acids Research, 2001, Vol. 29, No. 7 1616-1622