Interesting links - Wageningen Seed Lab

ISSS The International Society for Seed Science
ISTA International Seed Testing Association
AOSA The Association of Official Seed Analysts
SSR Official journal of the International Society for Seed Science
vSeed ERA-NET Plant Genomics vSEED Project Portal European Seed Systems Biology Network Nottingham, Freiburg, Leeds, and Wageningen/Utrecht
Wim Soppe's lab Wim Soppe Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungs- forschung, Köln (Germany)
Millennium Seed Bank The Millennium Seed Bank at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
Seed Information Database The Seed Information Database at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
Seed Proteome website Seed Proteome Labs: Lyon: Dominique and Claudette Job Paris: Phillippe Grappin, Loïc Rajjou
Seed Biotechnology Center Seed Biotechnology Center Kent J. Bradford University of California, Davis (USA)
Bibliography of Seed Dormancy and/or Germination in Higher Plants Bibliography of References Related to Seed Dormancy in Higher Plants G.M. Simpson, Department of Plant Science, Colege of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
The Seed Biology Place Award-winning web site, designed and maintained by Prof Gerhard Leubner at Royal Holloway, University of London
The BAR website User-friendly web-based tools for working with functional genomics and other data
ISF The International Seed Federation
ESA The European Seed Association
WSC Wageningen Seed Centre, Centre of expertise in seed technology and seed related issues
WSL news Wageningen Seed Lab news site