Courses of the Plant Production Systems Group

The Plant Production Systems group is responsible for a wide range of courses, from introductory courses to advanced postgraduate specialist subjects. All courses have a modular, flexible set-up and use a variety of teaching methods: lectures, practicals, computer-based tools, discussion groups, etc.. Our BSc and MSc thesis topics usually relate directly to the above-mentioned projects and students are in most cases guided by staff and PhD students.

Courses with PPS course code

Course # Course title

PPS20306 System Analysis and Modelling

PPS30306 Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems (QUALUS)

PPS30806 Analysing Sustainability of Farming Systems

PPS31306 Global Food Security

PPS31806 F.A.R.M.

PPS51802 Crop Production

Other courses with contribution of PPS

Course # Course title

APS31306 Future Livestock Systems

APS50803 SFS: The value of systems thinking

CSA10306 Crops and Cropping Systems

CSA10806 Introduction Quantitative Agroecology

CSA21306 Seaweed Biology and Cultivation

CSA31806 Grassland Science

CSA34806 Advanced Agronomy

EZO23306 Modelling Biological Systems

FTE50806 Conservation Agriculture

HNH26806 Intro to Global Nutrition and Health

HPP21306 Quantitative Aspects of Crop Production

HPP23806 Crops, Physiology and Environment

NEM10806 Orientation Plant Sciences

PBR37306 Advanced Bioresources

PEN20503 Ecology II

REG33806 Data Science for Ecology

SBL35306 The Carbon Dilemma - a soil perspective

WSG20306 Climate Change topics and approaches

WSG35806 Climate Smart Agriculture

YMC60809 Academic Consultancy Training

YWU60312 Research Master Cluster