Impact of weather extremes on Dutch crop yields


In the Netherlands, weather conditions are relatively favorable for crop production. However, climate scenarios predict an overall increase of occurrence of extreme weather events in the coming decades. Recordings of extreme weather events in the past can reveal insights about current trends in crop production. These recordings and resulting insights can be used to enhance crop simulation models, e.g. to accurately simulate the effects of severe droughts and heat waves. As a result, better predictions of crop productivity in the future can be made.

Methods and data:

The Agricultural Climate Calendar (ACC) is a novel approach to define and take into account the occurrence and effect of crop specific weather extremes. Recently at PPS, we have obtained updated results of the ACC for the main Dutch crops. Besides, we have updated information about cultivar trials for Dutch crops. We envision that the data from ACC and cultivar trials can be combined in either a statistical or crop modelling approach, depending on the interest of the student. 


We are looking for a Dutch MSc-student who would like to dive into this subject. Affinity with statistics, modelling and crops in temperate regions could come in handy.  




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