About the Business Economics Group

The lecturers of the Business Economics Group have a wide range of specializations. Students receive solid training in business economics, providing them knowledge in the economics of farms and agribusinesses, animal health, plant health, food safety and sustainable agriculture. We encourage students to develop their own interests and to think critically.

The courses combine theoretical and applied topics, covering different aspects of management, finance and business economics as well as subjects ranging from decision making at the farm or sector level to risk management in the supply chain.

We offer a BSc and MSc programme majoring in Business Economics, but minors in Business Economics are also possible.

We also offer short courses for business, organizations and government. These include postgraduate courses at Wageningen School of Social Sciences, such as risk management in agriculture.

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The research we do deals with issues such as food safety, animal and plant health, environmental protection and the changing business environment of agriculture affect farmers, as well as consumers, retailers, food processors and suppliers. Our wide network enables us to seek for solutions in a multidisciplinary team. Our research is commissioned and funded by the Dutch government, the EU, non-governmental organisations, food processors, wholesalers, feed companies, pharmaceutical companies as well as banks, insurance companies and agricultural accountants.

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