The academic internship is a period of work, study and reflection in a real-world working environment. The aim of the academic internship is to let you experience and reflect on the potential professional environment in which you could work after graduating from your degree programme. The internship provides an opportunity to work outside Wageningen University at a host organisation, e.g. a company (consultancy firm, industry, etc.), a public institution, a research organisation, another university, or a non-governmental organisation. The tasks you complete have to be of a sufficiently high standard to reflect the desired level of recent Wageningen graduates.

It is good to start thinking about the internship early in your Masters, and at least 6 months before you want it to start (especially if you want to go abroad). Make yourself familiar with the internship requirements and procedures as described in the Internship Protocol (see selection menu). Think about the career you would like to pursue, the kinds of organizations that are most relevant, and examples of organizations that appeal to you as potential internship providers. If you meet representatives of such organisations, talk with them about internship opportunities. Ask fellow students and lecturers about their experiences, and browse the internet on organisations or businesses of your interest who may take interns. There is no such thing as a database of internship organizations you can simply choose from, so a pro-active approach is needed.

While the student has the main responsibility in the search for an appropriate internship position, BEC can provide support in the process.

If you are interested in doing an internship in BEC please contact the internship coordinator not later than two months before you want to start the internship.