Maria Annosi, PhD

My name is Maria Carmela Annosi. I am Assistant Professor of Innovation Management and Organizational Behavior at School of Social Sciences, Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. In the past, I worked for Ericsson Research / Ericsson AB in Sweden and with Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.A in Italy. I am a co-founder of the research centre Digimetis, and a member of the Research Centre in Business Transformation (ReBoot).

My research vision

I research organizational design mechanisms, organizational processes by which actors- individuals, teams and organizations - initiate and implement change, develop new norms by breaking with existing ones.

As organizations progressively embrace a hybrid organizing approach, my work aims to analyze the institutional challenges different actors (individuals and organizations) face (digitalization, corporate social responsibility, etc.) and how these challenges currently are overcome.

Most of my research was placed in organizational environment with high decentralized power and autonomy. But I am also recently focusing on the case of social enterprises that can be seen a laboratory for exploring the influence of network governance and social mechanism on actors’ motivation to initiate a change and cognitive abilities to drive change.

My teaching vision

With regard to education, I embrace a non-authoritarian view of learning, by conceiving my role of teacher as the one creating conditions and space for students to learn and create new knowledge.

I am always trying to create an atmosphere of dialog and trust with my students by always welcoming questions within the lecture, by reminding them that the main outcomes of the lecture is for them to learn and that even making mistakes could be potentially useful to amplify their learning process. Additionally, I am used to tell students about relevant stories of my professional life. Telling them something about myself let students know I am human and approachable.

When supervising PhD students my supervision duties include the roles of the mentor and ‘master’ (as in master and apprentice), and, where research students are highly experienced in their professions or industries, the role of: a ‘critical friend’ guiding the ‘student’ through the scholarly maze to the doctoral examination and graduation.

My goal is to facilitate the students becoming independent professional researchers and scholars, capable of adapting to various research arenas, whether university or industry based.

Recently published book(s)

Annosi, M.C. & Brunetta, F. How is Digitalization Affecting Agri-food? New Business Models, Strategies and Organizational Forms, Routledge editor, ISBN 9780367196516

Some recent publications


Annosi M.C., Foss N.J., Martini A. (2020) "When Agile Harms Innovation and learning (and What can be done about it)" (forthcoming) in California Management Review journal

Marchegiani L., Brunetta, F., Annosi, M.C.,  (2020) “Faraway, not so close. The conditions that hindered knowledge sharing and open innovation in an online Business Social Network” forthcoming) at IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management journal

Annosi M.C., Marzi G. Rialto, R., Ciampi, F. (2020) "An ambidextrous approach to practice-based innovation for social product development: lessons from a Dutch company" (forthcoming) at IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management journal

Annosi, M. C., Brunetta, F., Monti, A., & Nati, F. (2019). Is the trend your friend? An analysis of technology 4.0 investment decisions in agricultural SMEs. Computers in Industry, 109, 59-71.

Annosi, M. C., Martini, A., Brunetta, F., & Marchegiani, L. (2018). Learning in an agile setting: A multilevel research study on the evolution of organizational routines. Journal of Business Research.

Annosi, M. C., Foss, N. J., Brunetta, F., & Magnusson, M. (2017). The interaction of control systems and stakeholder networks in shaping the identities of self-managed teams. Organization Studies, Vol 38, Issue 5, pp. 619 – 645 ISSN: 0170-8406