Managing innovation for sustainability

Innovation plays a crucial role in driving business transitions, and it is essential for firms to adapt and embrace new and untraditional sources of knowledge. Our research aims to understand how firms cope with the challenges of managing innovation and how they can stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.

One key focus of our research is exploring how firms can effectively manage innovation processes to, for example, improve their sustainability efforts. We also explore the barriers that organisations encounter when trying to innovate and identify strategies to overcome these challenges. For example, we examine the strategies and practices that successful organisations employ to foster a culture of innovation and to integrate relevant considerations into their innovation efforts.

Through our projects, we also investigate the role of collaboration and open innovation in managing innovation for sustainability. We explore how organisations can leverage external sources of knowledge, such as partnerships and collaborations, to enhance their (sustainable) innovation efforts. By studying successful cases and best practices, we aim to provide practical insights that can help organisations and policymakers effectively tap into new sources of knowledge and improve their innovation efforts.