Strategic positioning and organisation in supply chains

We aim to understand how a firm's position within a supply chain can impact its competitive advantage. Through our research, we examine ways in which firms manage their resources and operations to increase efficiency and profitability within the supply chain.

In addition, our research explores the collaboration between organisations in achieving shared benefits and promoting sustainability. We analyse various cooperative strategies, such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, and partnerships, to assess their impact on business performance and sustainability. By understanding the dynamics of collaboration, we gather insights into how organisations form effective partnerships that drive success and contribute to sustainable practices.

Furthermore, our group investigates the role of cooperatives in improving (agrifood) supply chains. For example, we seek to understand how these cooperatives operate, the benefits and challenges they face, and their impact on farmers, consumers, and the agrifood supply chain as a whole. Our goal is to provide valuable insights that can enhance the efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of these supply chains, benefiting all stakeholders involved.