Transitioning business models

We recognise that as industries and markets evolve, businesses must adapt their models to remain competitive. However, this transition can bring about uncertainty as well as opportunities. Our research aims to understand the challenges and opportunities that arise when entire ecosystems change and how organisations can navigate these changes successfully.

One key focus of our research is exploring how firms can strategically position themselves within evolving ecosystems. We examine the dynamics of ecosystem changes and the implications for business models. By understanding the factors that drive these changes and the potential impacts on businesses, we aim to provide insights that can guide organisations in making informed decisions about their positioning strategies.

Furthermore, our research investigates the uncertainties that arise during business model transitions. We analyse the risks and challenges that businesses face when adapting to new ecosystem dynamics. Lastly, we explore the opportunities that arise from transitioning business models in changing ecosystems. We examine how businesses can leverage these opportunities to drive innovation, growth, and sustainability.