Casewriting Workshop

Panel 15 will take the form of a Casewriting Workshop. Conference participants will be able to sign up and will receive preparatory material in advance of the workshop.

Case studies are used worldwide as powerful teaching tools by management schools and by businesses. Learning from case studies is a rich experience. Knowing how to develop those cases as effective teaching tools is challenging. This Workshop will share insights and guidance from the decades of case development experience of the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University and the Harvard Business School. The workshop's content and design will draw on lessons from illustrative case writing experiences on cases dealing with partnerships, sustainability, and resilience building. It has a practical and interactive focus bringing the participants through all steps of the process of developing a case study, providing tips, new insights and teaching notes techniques. The Workshop will begin with the three panelists sharing their ideas and insights followed by group discussion to exchange experiences, pose questions, and absorb distinct perspectives on the topic. A pre-conference document on critical elements for excellent case writing will be sent to participants who sign up for the workshop. If you wish to register for this workshop, please email Dr. Denise Carvalho ( and she will send you said document.


Tao Yue is Managing Editor at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Case Development Centre, Erasmus University. She has produced, supervised, or edited over a hundred cases, including international bestsellers and competition winners. She was a judge for Best Case Writer international competitions. Passionate to bridge education, research, and practice, Tao has published articles in the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, and other sources

James E. Austin has held three chaired professorships at the Harvard Business School. He headed the faculty case teaching workshop and has developed over 200 cases and teaching notes. Austin was the Co-Founder of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative. He is widely published and a noted researcher in various fields, including cross-sector collaboration and social enterprise.

Denise Carvalho’s postdoctoral research at the RSM Partnerships Resource Centre focuses on public policies for encouraging and fostering cross-sector partnership in developing countries such as Brazil. This research is aligned with her PhD thesis about ‘Tripartite Partnerships’. Her case development has dealt with Cross-sector Collaboration, Wicked Problems and Sustainability in the water and sanitation sector. She worked for more than 30 years in areas of planning and controlling in an infrastructure sector private organization in Brazil. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Strategy and in Controlling, Finance and Business Management.