About us

Connecting various science disciplines and perspectives: that’s the power of the Department of Social Sciences (DSS) of Wageningen University & Research.

Within DSS, business scientists, economists, sociologists, historians, policy scientists, legal scholars, philosophers, health scientists, innovation scientists, communication scientists, education scientists, and a broad variety of partners unite to work on the transitions that are required to achieve a society that is more equal, more sustainable and healthier. After all, climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, poverty and malnutrition, unhealthy human lifestyles are the great challenges of our time.

At Wageningen University & Research we provide innovative technological solutions, yet fundamentally they are about societal change. We study and come up with solutions on how to change or improve systems, practices and behavior, and how to build support in society. This is how we contribute to designing a better future.


The DSS’ is built around 5 research sections and 21 chair groups.

BEC BMO INF MCB ORL KTI COM PHI ELS AEP UEC ENR DEC RHI RSO SDC HSO PAP ENP LAW CHL Section Business Science Section Communication, Philosophy and Technology Section Economics Section Space, Place and Society Section Sustainability Governance