Modular Skills Courses

ELS education involves a range of skills courses and activities, targeted at BSc, MSc and PhD students and professionals in the Wageningen fields. The courses focus on both the development of academic, professional and personal competencies. In the Bachelor, skills courses are in most cases integrated in other program courses. Most WU Master programmes include modular skills courses, so called MOS modules. Students can choose from a wide range of Modular Skills Courses offered by either ELS or other chair groups.

A few examples of modular skills courses offered by ELS are:

  • Academic skills: Scientific Writing Skills; The Art of Public Speaking, Video for Data Collection
  • Professional skills: Negotiation Skills, Management Skills, Networking Skills, Consultancy Skills
  • Skills for Personal Development: Personal Leadership and Effectiveness; Resilience Skills; Intuitive Intelligence.

For a complete overview of all ELS MOS courses, please check the Study Handbook . Select ‘Modular Skills Training course’ in the list of filters. Select the modules that interest you and fit into your schedule.